Olive Oil

A good olive oil is obtained from healthy and whole olives, conditions that must fulfill the fruits to the entrance in the oil mill. The milling will become without delay, because the fermentativos processes begin soon and aggravate the quality. It follows the milkshake of the masses. Next, in the case of using the call traditional system, it grazes is distributed in capachos and it is put under pressure in the hydraulic presses. When modern systems are used (centrifugalization of two or three phases), it grazes centrifugal in decanter of horizontal axis. The later movement or centrifugalization of the oily phase leaves the oil clean, arranged to the storage. Immediately before the packaging it will be come to the filtrate.

The oil thus obtained is virgin olive oil, because in their extraction mechanical systems have only been used.

The international norms adopted by the European Union define the characteristics and properties of different olive oil.
The olive oil is the one that comes solely from the olive, fruit of the olive tree, without this denomination to oils extracted with dissolvents can be applied, by re-esterification, or with oil mixtures of another nature.

Among others, the following types of olive oil are distinguished:

Virgin oils

It is obtained solely by mechanical procedures or other average physicists, in conditions of temperature that do not produce alterations in the oil, that has not had more treatment than the washing, the movement, the centrifugalization and the filtrate. It is the oily juice of a fruit; the olive. The denomination must go followed of extra, virgin, lampante or current the denomination, according to the organoleptic characteristics and the acidity. They can be described as natural product and the virgin olive oil can be object of denomination of origin when it responds to singular characteristics ligatures to a determined region.

Within virgin oils are considered suitable for direct consumption called:

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